Where It All Started… My Journey To Here

Award winning Celebrity Makeup Artist Rhona Cullinan is one of Ireland’s Leading Freelance Make-up Artists whose career spans over 30 years. She has worked with International Celebrities, Television Productions, Magazines and Featured Articles as well as numerous Cosmetic Brands. In 2009 Rhona became the author of Ireland’s First Makeup book “Look Good Feel Good”, proceeds of which have been donated to the Marie Keating Foundation. With her wealth of knowledge in beauty Rhona is now an Over 40s Beauty Expert and loves helping women to take back their lives, making them feel beautiful from the inside out – Join her private Over 40s Beauty Facebook Group here 

As well as specialising in Bridal Makeup, Rhona is also a Wedding Celebrant with the Irish Institute of Celebrants – for more information see www.rhonacullinan.com

In December 2020 Rhona proudly launched her very own Chemical Free Skincare range  Journey Skincare and Beauty – now known as Beauty by Rhona.

As someone who is passionate about chemical free skincare, this range of natural  unisex skincare products was developed, that is suitable for all skin types but especially for anyone who has dry or maturing skin and also extreme skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and acne rosacea. These products are also suitable for anyone going through chemotherapy and radiation. The beauty range has now expanded to include anti aging facial tools and a range of lashes and makeup brushes suitable for everyone. 

(DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstance should our products be deemed a substitute for Medicines and we recommend a patch test before using the products and consult with your doctor if under medical care – full list of ingredients under every product)  

Life Is A Journey

Every day brings us further along that journey… some days will be good some days will be hard. But everyday we can make 10 minutes of that day preparing for that journey… taking some time out to self-love, to self-heal, to make todays journey stronger and more positive. As a special needs mum to her 3 wonderful children Rhona knows all too well how hard it can be to make time for yourself. So she encourages you to take these minutes to yourself every day to nourish your skin and your soul – As you breathe in the beautiful scents of our products breathe in positivity and spirit… as you breathe out …take away negativity and doubt. We all have different battles to face and challenges to overcome but we can make it easier – one positive day at a time!

About Our Products


100% Chemical Free

Our Skincare range is 100% chemical-free  and made from the finest ingredients from all over the world. Our products are then hand blended here in Ireland. There is a luxurious beauty in the feeling of nourishing the skin from the earth and the smells that are combined in every product make the client feel as if they have their own little bit of “Spa” time every day


Cruelty Free

We strive to use as many Fair-Trade ingredients as possible and we have a total cruelty free ethos. We absolutely do not support animal testing in any form and we ensure that our ingredient suppliers have the same policy. All products are freshly made, to ensure the complete efficiency of the product, nothing sits on a shelf for months/years.



All of the products are manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients. Those ingredients include the finest butters, oils, salts, plants, essential oils etc that nature has to offer.

Our products are then carefully hand blended here in Ireland.


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